Beechwood James

Trainer: Mick Appleby Race type: Flat
Age: 4 yr old Description: Bay Colt
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Just once or twice each sales' season you manage to purchase a horse for a figure that astounds you. Here is a candidate for this season's very best value for money purchase. We will attempt to briefly outline why we think this colt is such a great value purchase. 

We have various filters at MPR when selecting yearlings i.e. Criteria that each horse has to pass. One of these is that more than one person has to independently really like a horse. To base a selection process on one person's opinion has to be folly. This colt was firstly presented to us by ace bloodstock agent Federico Barberini; he presents us with around 15-20 horses at most sales that he has selected as horses with excellent conformation and which will be very trainable. If a horse's physique with any conformation flaws means it will not withstand training, then there is little point in the horse being in training. From that list, we decide which horses we are particularly drawn to according to the other filters that we apply, notably whether we at MPR, with our 23 years’ experience of purchasing horses, share Federico's liking of the horse. 

Here we have a horse who passed the Federico and MPR filters, so we decided to vet the horse which is obviously yet another filter the horse was fully able to pass. So all was set fair to purchase the horse if possible and we were thrilled with his €9000 price tag. 

So why did he cost so little? We can only believe it is because his sire Sunday Break has become unfashionable. Despite having 12 horses already in his career to be rated in excess of 100, Camacho seems to be being touted as a really progressive sire who is on the up and is becoming fashionable; Camacho has sired 11 horses rated in excess of 100 in a very similar time at Stud. Other "popular stallion" stats Society Rock 2 rated over 100 for example. Fashion is a big thing in racing, clearly!!!

This colt is also qualified for French owners premiums. France is well known for its lucrative system of Owners’ premiums on top of already generous prize-money. On the flat, a 2 or 3-year-old can earn an extra 64% on top of the race purse, so we would expect to be taking full advantage of this initiative.


August House
Appleyard Drive
North Lincolnshire
DN18 5TD


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