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Unlike many Trainers in the industry Daniel Mark Loughnane, better known as Mark, didn’t grow up with horses or even go to the races as a child. It was only when he was looking for a hiding place from school that he ended up helping out in a racing yard and taught himself to ride, but he connected with the horses straight away and knew that that this was what he wanted to spend the rest of his life doing!

For the next 15 years he worked his way up through the industry progressing from stable-lad, to head-lad and then Assistant Trainer. He held a Conditional and Amateur jockey licence along the way and rode winners on the track and in point-to-points. He worked with some of the best Irish Trainers, including Edward O’Grady, Pat Doyle & Enda Bolger and with top quality horses in both Ireland and the UK.

From these people and many others that he had worked with at all levels, he formulated his own style of training and in 2002 he finally took out his own licence back home in Ireland. Not many trainers can boast that their first two runners ware winners, but Marks were, and at the prestigious Galway festival, proving that he had made the right decision!

At the end of 2011 he made the brave decision to relocate to the UK with his wife Clare and their two young sons, knowing that the UK would open up more opportunities for their horses and owners. After sending out over 120 winners from their initial base in Staffordshire the opportunity to relocate & to be involved in a brand-new development at Rock Farm was just too good to miss.

Rock Farm has allowed Mark to offer his horses and owners top class facilities, without losing his personal, hands-on approach. The whole family, supported by a dedicated team around them, work endlessly to ensure that the horses get the best possible care & are all still treated as individuals. As a result of this the atmosphere in the yard is relaxed and the horses are happy in their work.

Although Mark has been in the industry over 30 years now, his enthusiasm is still infectious and his commitment to his business his second to none. His passion to keep improving rubs off on those around him, which shows in the high standards that are maintained in the yard. Each winner is still celebrated and as special as the first one.

The DML team ethos is simple, continue to work hard, strive to keep improving and always try to get the best out of each horse that they are privileged enough to train.


August House
2, Appleyard Drive
North Lincolnshire
DN18 5TD


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